Ege University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences organized Turkey’s first “Students’ Conference on Economics” in 1998. Receiving considerable attention, the Conference has become a tradition. It has been organized internationally since 2006, will be held on the digital platform or face to face this year between May 25-26th, 2023, with the main title “25th International Congress of Economics Students”.

Last year, over 100 abstracts from foreign and domestic universities were sent to our conference. Among these abstracts, 46 paper presentations were chosen. Thanks for your kindly interest. We are excited to host all students who want to do academic studies in their field and who want to contribute to these studies at our university!

All university students, public and private sector representatives, representatives of non-governmental organizations and faculty members from home and abroad are invited to the 25th INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF ECONOMICS STUDENTS.

25th International Students’ Conference
Organization Committee