Ege University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences organized Turkey’s first “Students’ Conference on Economics” in 1998. Receiving considerable attention, the Conference has become a tradition. It has been organized internationally since 2006 and will be held online this year between May 25-26th, 2022, with the title “The Pursuit of New Economic Policies in the era of Multiple Crises”.

The 21st century is referred to as the “era of multiple crises” where more frequent economic, social, cultural, political, and ecological crises have coexisted. This process is defined as a state of “systemic unsustainability”. Especially in recent years, the economic and social impacts of ecological destruction brought about by the climate change have deepened. Such adverse impacts are now reinforced by the health crisis of COVID-19 and are affecting the whole world. The interloping natures of the crises in this conjecture have once more pointed out that multiple fields ranging from health to economics and to nature are interdependent. Therefore, it has become a necessity to address the relationship between phenomena that interacts mutually during the process of development and growth of all countries.

It is obvious that multiple crises reveal the systemic fragility of the world with all existing inequalities and make the world more insecure. For this reason, this process has led to a new pursuit in economic policies all around the world. In this context, it has been understood that it is not only sufficient to deal with the economic crises experienced by the national economies in the pursuit of new policies but also crises that happen in different areas should be evaluated simultaneously. Hence, it is very important to form an academic platform in order to determine the main problems of this era and to enhance future policies so as to overcome all types of crises. Therefore, “24th International Students’ Conference on Economics” is open for all undergraduate and graduate students who desire to propose theoretical and empirical studies which focus on multiple crises with different dimensions.

Since this is a student conference, the author(s) must be undergraduate, master’s, or doctorate level students. The abstract submission deadline is March 11st, 2022. Accepted proposals will be announced on March 25th, 2022. The deadline for full-text submission is April 29th, 2022. Submissions and presentations can be either in English or Turkish. The best papers will be selected and rewarded after a review process. The abstracts can be submitted through the conference website by filling out the online forms. More information on the conference is available on the conference website. (

All undergraduate and graduate students, academicians, public and private sector delegates, and representatives of NGOs are invited to the 24th International Students’ Conference on Economics.

Economic Crisis
Financial Crisis and Vulnerability
Social Policies
Health Crisis and Pandemic
Food Safety and Nutrition Crisis
Climate Change and Effects of Climate Change
Ecological Crises
Planetary Boundaries
Biodiversity Crises
Green Growth and Green Economy
Circular Economy
Sustainable Cities
Responsible Consumption and Production
Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
Entrepreneurship and Green Production
Technology and Innovation Policies
Industry 4.0
Government Transformation
Rights and Institutions
Social Networks, Knowledge Networks, and Innovative Networks
Solidarity Economy