Ege University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences organized Turkey’s first “Students’ Conference on Economics” in 1998. Receiving considerable attention, the Conference has become a tradition. It has been organized internationally since 2006 and is being held in İzmir this year on April 25-27th, 2018, with the main title “Digital Transformation: Industry 4.0”.

In a quickly changing world, countries intensively use digital technologies to satisfy consumer needs and wants, and to increase efficiency of production processes in all sectors. As a result of these developments, countries have been restructuring their roles in international markets and, economic actors and decision making units have been passing through digital transformation. In this regard, forming an academic platform to understand the contemporary world better and for enhancing future policies would be seminal.

In this context, focusing on this transformation which is indeed today’s reality, internalizing the process, improving the capabilities in this direction and enhancing the capacity for change is vital. For this reason, “21st International Students’ Conference on Economics” is open for all undergraduate and graduate students who desire to propose theoretical and empirical studies about digital transformation.

The proposal submission deadline is on 28 February 2018. Abstracts should be prepared in accordance with the sample abstract published on the Conference webpage. The submission should include, heading of the paper and name(s) & surname(s), university(ies), department(s), class(es), e-mail addresses and mail addresses of the author(s). They should not exceed one page and must be sent via e-mail to kongreikt@gmail.com.

Accepted proposals will be announced on 9 March 2018. Submissions can be made in either in English or Turkish. Moreover, deadline for full text submission is April 13th, 2018. Full texts will be published in CD format. The best papers will be rewarded after a referee process. Conference program, application form and other information will be announced to the accepted applicants soon. Besides that, all necessary information has been published on the conference web site. (http://kongreikt.ege.edu.tr)

All undergraduate and graduate students, academicians, public and private sector delegates and representatives of NGOs are invited for 21st INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS’ CONFERENCE ON ECONOMICS.

Smart Economy
Digital Marketing
The Role and Functions of Government in Digital Transformation
Companies and SMEs in Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation Tools
Internet Economics: Internet of Things
Information Society and Knowledge Economics
Digital Labor Force
Cloud Technology
Digital Transformation in Health
Green Cities
Agriculture 4.0
Industry 4.0
Society 5.0
Block Chain: Bit coin
Artificial Intelligence
Social Networks, Knowledge Networks and Innovation Networks
Digital Economy and the Safety of Personal Data
Smart Cities
Smart Factories and Products
Data Analytics: Big Data