Ege University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences has organized Turkey’s first “Students’ Conference on Economics” in 1998 and following the great interest in the conference, has turned it into a tradition. As of 2006, the conference has expanded to an international setting. This year’s conference will be held on May 9-10th, 2019 in İzmir, with the title “Current Issues in World and Turkish Economies”.

The last two decades have been witness to important global events. The 2007-2008 crisis now has a place in history as one of the greatest economic crisis experienced globally. The migration waves originating from Syria have created a new arena of policy debate with both social and economic implications. Technological developments signal the arrival of a new industrial revolution under the name of Industry 4.0. Environmental problems and related discussions continue with an increasing pace. The conference aims to provide a platform of debate where the long run economic implications of such events can be identified and the preparations required for the coming changes can be debated. Within this context, prioritizing the subjects listed below, “22nd International Students’ Conference on Economics” is open to the empirical and theoretical analyses conducted by undergraduate and graduate students.

The deadline for participants to submit an abstract is March 5, 2019. The abstracts can be submitted through the conference website by filling out the online forms. To get more detailed information on the conference and the regulations related to participation, you can contact the organization committee through

The list of accepted submissions will be announced on March 15, 2019. The accepted submissions are expected to be followed by a full text manuscript uploaded by April 23, 2019. Submissions and full text manuscripts can be in English or Turkish. As was done in the previous conferences, the manuscripts will be compiled on a CD.

The full text manuscripts submitted to the conference are subject to academic evaluation. The manuscripts deemed successful are awarded by prizes. More information on prizes, congress program and other information will be announced to the participants. 

22nd International Students’ Conference on Economics is open to the participation of university students, representatives of public and private institutions and academicians.


Economics and Education
Economic impact of education
Human capital formation
Debates on teaching economics

History and Economics
Evolution of economic schools of thoughts
Rise of new economics approaches
Economic history: Transformation from the Ottoman era

International Economics
International factor movements
Foreign direct investment
International capital movements
Political economy of international economics
Trade wars

Analysis of financial markets
Financial institutions and services
Behavioral economics and finance

Public Economics
Economic impacts of public spending and the budget

Health and Welfare Economics
Analysis of the health sector
Welfare, poverty and deprivation

Labor Markets and Demography
Aging population
Labor supply, aging and retirement

Development, Technology and Growth
Development planning and technology
Innovation, R&D and intellectual property rights

Natural Resources
Agricultural economics
Economic analysis of renewable and non-renewable resources