Developments in Turkey and Around the World

On the 20th Anniversary of the International Students’ Congress on Economics


26-28 APRIL 2017

Ege University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences has organised Turkey’s first “Students’ Congress on Economics” in 1998. Receiving considerable attention, the Faculty has turned the Congress into a tradition. The congress has gained an international dimension as of 2006 and will be organised this year on 26-28 April, 2017, with the main title “Developments in Turkey and Around the World On the 20th Anniversary of the International Students’ Congress on Economics”.

The changing conjencture of the last two decades around the world, and thus in Turkey, has led to a restructuring of the growth potentials and international market roles of countries, and economic actors and economic decision processes have evolved considerably. On its 20th anniversary, our congress is focusing on evaluation of the last two decades from a multidimensional point of view. Thus generating a platform in which the economic, social and policy transformations of the last twenty years are debated will be vision enhancing for both policy formulation for tomorrow and understanding the current state of affairs.

Within this context, 20th International Students’ Congress on Economics is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students’ theoretical and empirical studies that focus on analyzing the events of Turkey and World within the last twenty years.

Abstract submission date of the congress is February 17, 2017. Abstracts should be prepared in accordance with the sample abstract published on the Congress webpage. The submissions must include a title, names of author(s), university and department affiliations, year/class of the students, e-mail addresses and postal addresses. Abstracts should not exceed one page and must be sent to the postal address or the e-mail address available below.

Accepted submissions will be announced by 27 February, 2017. Last day for the delivery of full texts of the submissions is April 10, 2017. Abstract may be submitted in Turkish or in English; the presentations will be done in the submission language. Submitted texts will be gathered in a proceedings CD. Upon evaluation, best submissions will be awarded. Congress program, details of the registration forms and other information will be sent later to the authors of accepted submissions.

University students, representatives of public and private institutions, representatives of non-governmental organizations and academicians from around the world are invited to the 20th International Students’ Congress on Economics.

JEL Code based Themes

  • A – General Economics and Education
  • A2 – Economic Education and Teaching of Economics
  • B – Schools of Economic Thought and Methodology
  • D31 – Personal Income, Wealth, and Their Distributions
  • D5 – General Equilibrium and Disequilibrium
  • D6 – Welfare Economics
  • E2 – Consumption, Saving, Production, Employment, Investment
  • E3 – Prices and Conjenctural Fluctuations
  • E4 – Money and Interest Rates
  • E6 -Makroekonomics Policy Formulation, Macroeconomic Aspects of Public Finance, and General Outlook
  • F- International Economics
  • F22 – International Migration
  • F23 – Multinational Firms and International Trade
  • F3 – International Finance
  • G Financial Economics
  • H1 – Structure and Scope of Government
  • J -Demographic Economics
  • J4 – Labor Markets
  • L – Industrial Organization
  • N – Economic History
  • O – Ekonomik Development and Growth
  • P5 – Comparative Economic Systems
  • Q –Agricultural and Natural Resources Economics
  • R – Regional Economics
  • Z1 – Cultural Economics